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“Order is Peace” and “Everything in its Place” are the two mottos I grew up with. My Italian mother instilled creating a ‘home’ in me at an early age. She led by example and hard work. What she could not afford to buy, she made: everything from table linens, knitting and needlepoint to the clothing we wore. This led me into fashion in front of the camera and then to working retail at a high-end Italian fashion store in Vancouver, learning the value of quality garments and another motto, “Quality over Quantity”.


After my children headed off to college, my creativity, organizational skills, and understanding of scale, balance, proportion and the layering of a home prompted a close friend to encourage me to share these talents with others. So, I certified myself with a staging and redesign company and got straight to work.


I have been fortunate to find myself working for clients across many different facets of styling and staging, from helping them achieve their vision of completing a home, office space or room, to spatial planning with existing pieces. 


A strong first impression matters in the real estate market. I take pride in preparing client’s homes to sell by adding the necessary touches to each room and ensuring every realtor photo is listing-worthy.


I am also blessed to collaborate with interior designers, and I love to help showcase their talents by sourcing soft furnishings, accessories, and props to bring their spaces to life for photo shoots.


No matter how big or small the project, I am here to help make your house a home.


~ Lorena

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